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Experiments in Genre Revision 3. Large Canvases 4. Falling from Grace 5.

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In the Wilderness 6. Return to Form 7. About the Author Robert Niemi teaches film, critical theory, American literature, and cultural studies at St. Altman had a sharp sense of humor, which could come off as mean-spirited, but which actually sprung from his deep empathy for humanity at its best and its worst. In his heyday, he pumped out good-to-great movies in bunches, making hip genre exercises, oblique experiments, and casually profound statements about the times in which he lived. And when no one would give him any money, he scaled down and came up with innovative ways to bring plays to the big screen, using limited sets and just a few actors.

Altman died on November 20, When he took his skills to Hollywood, he tried to do the same, with whatever work was available.

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The whole reason Altman came to California in the first place was because a Kansas City entrepreneur had bankrolled this low-budget youth-gone-wild melodrama, which was meant to cash in on the post-Elvis rock and roll movie craze. So he took whatever was available, and tried to make it his own. Instead, he turned out a clunky version of a John Hughes romp, but one lacking both the funkiness and the populist politics. Newman was an Altman friend and fan, and did what he could to ground a hard-to-follow plot, centered on a confusing competition.

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But though the dreamy end-of-the-world imagery is beautiful to look at, the film lacks enough of a sense of purpose to justify its tediousness. Post- Nashville, Altman tended to have too much confidence in his ability to assemble a bunch of superb actors, give them a premise, and let them roll. Altman consciously and somewhat desperately tried to top Nashville with this ensemble comedy, which — according to legend — was born when the director boasted to a journalist that he was planning to make a movie about the upper-class American institution of big-money weddings, which would feature twice as many characters as his masterpiece.

That said, the director was still mostly in a good groove circa , and with a cast that includes powerhouses like Carol Burnett, Mia Farrow, and Lillian Gish, he was able to produce something slight but likable, with scattered insights into how a common rite of passage reflects society as a whole. Some Altman fans adore this movie, which, if nothing else, is impressively ambitious.

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A speculative science-fiction melodrama about the first moon landing — released a few months before Apollo 11 made its story moot — Countdown stars James Caan and Robert Duvall as Americans racing to beat the Soviets using untested technology. Most of the story plays out in the barracks, where a cast that includes a young Matthew Modine and David Alan Grier bickers about race, class, and sexuality — revealing an America at war with itself at home as much as with communism abroad.

He lets excellent actors and great writing do most of the work. Whenever Altman was on the outs in Hollywood, he still found ways to stay busy, taking advantage of his gregarious personality and his connections with actors to find work either in the theater or back on television.

byhoxacike.ga The performances and premise are right in line with what Altman devotees had come expect back then. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a fast-talking moll whose husband is being held captive by a big-time crime boss, played by Harry Belafonte. But his vision of L. Donald Freed and Arnold M. So the movie is less a history lesson than a historical analysis, delivered from the inside — or at least what Freed, Stone, Hall, and Altman imagined that inside to be.

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Stylistically, Altman treats the material in much the same way as he did Come Back to the Five and Dime , making maximum use of a minimal setting, and letting his actor and his camera roam around a world shrunken by circumstance. Is Popeye a masterpiece or a disaster?

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A flop or a stealthy blockbuster? The result was something that in — the era of Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark — struck many as off-puttingly eccentric.

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  • The picture actually made a lot of money, and has been increasingly appreciated over the years for its impressive production design, catchy songs, and mumbly, deadpan humor. But the mere perception of failure was enough to bump Altman off the A-list for more than a decade.