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With LegalZoom, you can get your business established anywhere in the United States with a few clicks. You can also talk to lawyers about your specific business and get access to tons of free legal document templates. You have legal questions. Employment contracts. Partnership agreements. UpCounsel hooks you up with lawyers on-demand. Just post your legal question and lawyers who are experts in that field will submit quotes along with their profile and experience. You choose who you want to work with, get on a call to discuss your questions, and pay the agreed rate through the platform.

This is by far the best and easiest way to get legal advice immediately. Pandadoc lets you create a library of common sections and templates for your proposals and contracts. You create the sections once then select those you need for each individual proposal. Boom — custom proposal in a few clicks. It also has legally-binding eSignatures so you can keep your life paperless. Google Analytics is a staple for every website. You should install it the day your site goes live. What are your visitors doing when they get to your website?

You can even get video recordings of your users on your site! Hotjar is another staple that I install on every site when I launch because it provides immediate access to crucial user data from the start.

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Zoom makes video conferencing incredibly simple. You can have tons of attendees, share your screen, and record the meetings. But, if you are going to do phone calls… UberConference is your best option.

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It includes call recording, screen sharing, and a call-in number so you have everything you need for effective conference calls. When it comes to team communications, you need to ditch email and text messaging.

With email, the message gets lost within your overflowing inbox. Enter Slack. You can organize your business around topics, share files, and keep a searchable history of all the conversations across your company. Millions of people use Slack to simplify their communications including employees at Airbnb, Harvard, and Ticketmaster.

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Canva makes it simple to create amazing graphics for your blog posts, social media, and almost anything else that requires basic design. Snappa is a lot like Canva but with a slightly different interface and a massive library of free content you can use. Sometimes you need a few great looking photos to make your website or other marketing materials really stand out. Unsplash is a huge library of free photos from amazing photographers around the world. You can find photos of everything here — people, business, nature, food and anything in between.

It has over , images along with stylish fonts and templates to use across all your different social media channels. And because it integrates with Buffer, you can add your graphics to your posts with ease. Skitch lets you annotate screenshots and PDFs.

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You post your design request and designers from around the world will submit designs for you to choose from. Choose the design you love and the designer gets paid. Design Pickle gives you unlimited design for a low monthly fee. Promo is the video marketing platform for every business. You can create second high-quality videos with music, text, and your logo in minutes. Promo includes a high-quality video and music library with over 3. These are great for weekly promotions in bars and restaurants or even Facebook video ads for any business.

Raising Money for Mighty Missions: Steps to Success- Doing What Matters Most

Create custom videos for your business with tons of templates and free music. This is a great platform if you have your own images and videos that you want to turn into marketing videos. Lumen5 uses stock imagery and music to turn your blog posts into videos. It pulls the written content from your posts then suggests background images that align with the content.

You select the phrases that you want Lumen5 to display and it fits them into the video template. The end product is a video with animated images, a soundtrack, and your written content. Lumen5 is the best way to double your content by turning all your blog posts into videos. It includes a library of over 2. If you want animated videos, PowToon is your answer. This video builder includes tons of templates, animated characters, and unlimited downloads for a low monthly subscription. Videoblocks includes 4K videos, motion backgrounds, after effects templates and tons of other stock videos.

You pay a low subscription price to access unlimited downloads of their basic library of videos and can buy premium videos created by videographers around the world. Screenflow makes it easy to create how-to videos and other custom videos. It captures the video and allows you to add text, transitions, and sound to create a professional final product — all without hiring a professional.

This is my go-to screen capture tool when I create videos for online courses. Facebook Business Manager lets you control your entire Facebook presence including ads, product catalogs, pixels, pages, users, and content from one easy to use platform. One of the most basic but useful features is user and partner management which allows you to add users and outside agencies to multiple Facebook assets at different access levels.

Every business should be using Facebook Business Manager. Facebook is the the best paid marketing platform in the world right now. You can get your brand in front of over 2 billion people across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network apps, publications, and websites. Not only do you have access to all these people, but you also can tell your story in many formats. You can use videos and images, capture leads from an ad, or dynamically show products from your store that users viewed 30 days ago.

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Facebook ads are hands-down the best way to get your brand in front of a highly targeted group of new customers. The only way to guarantee that position is with paid ads. SEO takes months to push you to the first page if it even works at all. Adwords ads can get you to the top immediately. Would you like your products to show up on the shopping tab on Google searches? Then you need to setup Google Shopping Ads. This can be a little complex to setup, but platforms like Shopify have many apps that make the setup simple.

Creating new content is a time consuming task that many small businesses push to the bottom of their list. Edgar helps you recycle your content to lighten your content creation workload.

With Edgar, you schedule social media posts based on categories. Then, you fill those categories with content. When a category is on the schedule, Edgar posts the next new post from that category to your designated channel. When Edgar has gone through all the new posts, it begins reposting the best performing posts again.

Hootsuite helps you manage all your social media in one place. It has a browser extension to keep content curation simple and Pablo mentioned above to make designing graphics easy. Like all the social media management tools mentioned so far, Post Planner lets you schedule posts.

Additionally, it also surfaces high engagement articles for you to share to your audience. Hotspot Shield secures your Internet in otherwise questionable areas. Browse the web safely knowing that Hotspot Shield is protecting all of your private information. Join their million other users and secure your web surfing. Your business needs a central location for all your files and Dropbox is the answer. You can share files or entire folders with employees and clients with a few clicks and later unshare them when they leave the company or you stop working together.

You can also create expiring links for those times you need to share sensitive documents. Though you can use Evernote to share documents and processes across your business, I recommend using it for storing your own thoughts and documents. Evernote is the best tool to store everything digital in your life.

I use it to store receipts, articles, business ideas, quotes, and everything else that I never want to forget. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the best channels for getting new customers because we trust social proof above all other sources. Tapfiliate makes it easy to let anyone promote your products and earn a commission. Launching your business is a huge day and you want to do it right.

This super simple tool lets you create a referral system in minutes.