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Why do so many entrepreneurs or business owners fail to constantly show up in their business, connect to their audience and share their message? You might be surprised to know that the answer is because they lack ideas on what type of content to write about on a consistent basis. But why does this happen? One of the main reasons people do not create much content is because they think that what they write needs to be perfect.

They read it and read it over and over again and the more they read it the more they change it and consequently the more what they have written about will move away from the original message. Another reason that totally freezes people is the lack of confidence in sharing their real message for fear of being judged and criticised by others.

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These are simply excuses as you can come up with so much content every day, which, yes, someone might have spoken about it before, but not through your very own eyes and your very own unique voice. Imagine you are going to meet a friend and have a cup of coffee with them. Would you feel stuck on what to say? Would you just remain silent and not speak at all? You will have plenty to say and plenty to talk about. And the good news is that you can do exactly the same thing with your content.

Yes, creating content is as easy as creating conversation during a coffee chat with your friends. If you are still struggling with how to create content, I have listed 2 of my go-to methods below. Everything that happens to you during the day can become a topic for content. Imagine the things you see at the grocery stores, the conversations you hear at work or in the streets. Imagine the articles you read and the news you watch. You can create your entire content based on conversations you have with friends or with your close family.

And you can create content based on your mind chatter, or ideas and thoughts that pop up in your mind daily. Once you have the topic, you would simply need to mould it to your main message or the message that you want to deliver in that particular moment.

You could easily create posts from a stall of children you see in the street selling toys or handmade things for charity or from a particular behaviour you see someone having in reaction to a sale they have been exposed to. You could even create content from Advertising posters you see while walking in the streets. I once created content based on an advert of a university, which I saw from a bus. Simply keep your eyes open when you walk around and see what adverts, catchy phrases or images can give you an inspiration. The secret here is to remain open, to look outside the box and to not worry too much about the content being too perfect.

Also remember that your content needs to be personal and express your point of view so that your readers can relate more to you and feel more connected. This means creating content by stating your opinion on something. It is very important that your audience sees that you have strong opinions and that you stick to them. Nobody likes to follow fluffy leaders that are all over the place, with no strong beliefs or values of their own. You might read an article or other peoples comments on an article that makes your blood boil and to which you strongly disagree with.

Now, take that comment and start writing what you think about and express your opinion. Being opinionated will help you not only generate this type of content but also to establish a rave of followers who agree with you and see you as a person worth following. The most important ingredient in all of this is to be real, present and notice what is happening around you and start becoming aware that any single word spoken or conversation taken can become an inspiration from which to create great content.

Success is something we all love and want. It can also be massively allusive, and often when things seem tough, we feel that we have to persist in order to get the success we desire. A great many personal development courses help install the knowledge that persistence is a key to success as well. But it can be seriously counterproductive, which very few people will ever tell you.

Clear Away Distractions - Guided Meditation (Better Focus & Concentration)

For a start, being able to see things through is crucial when you are going after a goal or a dream. Ask any coach, or any entrepreneur who has achieved what they set out to. Things often get challenging, and the unexpected usually comes up. So persistence can be good. It can however also bog you down in something you would be better walking away from.

And walking away can bring serious benefits in terms of actually achieving goals and dreams faster.

One of the 3 incredible reasons why walking away can bring greater success, is that it allows you space to process experience. When you are stuck in events, and they are unfolding around you, they tend to take over in your mind making things challenging from a point of learning. Being able to step back, or remove yourself entirely allows you to gain a far wider view of things. Unless you are a Zen master, and are able to completely transcend the emotions, doubt and everything else that can fly around when things are going sideways, then creating space so you can gain the learning is crucial.

This is why a lot of coaches create a very different environment for their clients during sessions. It is also why a lot of people have breakthroughs during meditation sessions. Because they have at the very least been able to mentally, and emotionally, step away from situations. Negative emotions, anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt being the big 5, seriously cloud effectiveness.

Beyond more than just day-to-day work, negative emotions cloud relationships. They bring questions to mind about dreams and goals, and trigger a descent into lower self-esteem, which brings various other issues. While meditation and other personal development techniques can help with release, the cause of those negative emotions is either removed or negated, which means any release work just keeps you ticking over, rather than allowing you to move forward effectively. Walking away from a negative situation, allows you to process things in a way that can lead to happiness and real success.

Perhaps one of the most important of the 3 incredible reasons why walking away can bring greater success, is that you are giving yourself a very solid signal that you deserve better. This is really important.

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Yes, persistence is important. Though banging your head on a wall does nothing productive for you. Just read that again and let it sink in. When you walk away from something, you have the opportunity to actually go and do things fresh. Sticking to something, just because you feel you have to persist is crazy.

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When you walk away from a negative, or unsupportive situation, then you have the opportunity to build in a better location. One where you can create solid, lasting results, that can measure up to your dreams. And if you have to walk away again? Fine, you are refining that process of getting your location right. You need to send your mind the message that you will only accept proper definition of your goals and dreams, and that compromise is unacceptable.

While compromise has its time and place, allowing for smoother flow, compromise also indicates to your unconscious mind that you are happy to accept less. Which it will happily continue to deliver for you. When you bring together the way you can pick up learning, release negative emotions and stress more effectively, plus give yourself reinforcement over what you are truly wanting and creating in life, then you give yourself greater ability to create success, in the way you wish it.

These goal-oriented routines form the critical structure for FastBraiin individuals who are easily distracted and taken off course. Second, productive rhythms keep us focused and heading toward our goals. While establishing routines, make sure your routines take you in the right direction. Think holistically. Consider routines for work, family, play, nutrition, exercise, and rest. Remember to keep an inventory of goals: big, small, and everywhere in between for every facet of daily life.

Manual Indestructible Success: Productivity: Beat Distraction and Overwhelm

Most people default to a daily rhythm. While that is fine—you need a daily rhythm—also consider weekly or monthly rhythms. Regrettably, people become overwhelmed trying to think they have to create the perfect day, and end up trying to squeeze in too many activities, or leave off other important activities for the sake of time. Thinking on a weekly basis allows you to focus on different things on different days and carry out a more balanced, healthy, and holistic approach. In conclusion, you can reach your goals without finding yourself overwhelmed in the process.

To find the success you are after, keep focused on your inventory of goals and the productive rhythms of daily, monthly, and yearly living. Starting tomorrow night! Awesome tips — I love the one about eating snacks throughout the day. I use the Todoist app, and while I put big things on there that I need to do each day, I also put small daily things on there like comment on a blog post! After a couple months, I barely even need to look at the list anymore to get it all done in quick succession. Plus, it gives me momentum for tackling the bigger things!

I love everything you publish. I end up emailing each of your posts to at least three people every time one pops up in my feed.

The Dangers of Cognitive Fatigue

Thank you for what you do, and how you inspire me! Thank you for giving solutions and pairings for the habits. Carried extra water with me this morning while walking the dog and finished it before we were done. I have a bad habit of letting them being a continuation of the weekend. Thanks a lot Paula!! Water is SUCH a game-changer. Are you aware of any plant based rich protein source that we can have in the morning? The work around that I found — Instead of deciding the time slot, decide the number of hours that I will be giving to each activity in a day.

This way, even our distractions,if I am able to spend the necessary time on the activity, I feel more accomplished.